2010 NASCAR Rule Changes Could Add Extra Excitement to NASCAR Races

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NASCAR Has Come Down with Some Rule Changes for 2010 that Will Open Up Races

Written by Ryan Christopher DeVault

2010 NASCAR rule changes are going into effect in addition to the relaxing on other 2010 NASCAR rules to bring back some of the NASCAR excitement that has kept fans coming back for years. Over the past couple of racing seasons, fans of started to complain that races were getting boring, and that not allowing the drivers to really race on the track was starting to create a product that they didn’t want to watch anymore. Most of the die-hard fans of NASCAR racing are going to stick around despite the rule changes, but it was clear that some of the excitement in NASCAR was starting to slip. Now the NASCAR “suits” may try to fix that downfall during the 2010 season.

One of the NASCAR rule changes is intended to encourage drivers to be more aggressive and show some more emotion on and off the track. In order to do that, NASCAR is going to now allow bump-drafting at Daytona and Talladega as well as allow more contact on the race track. This will make the race track much more competitive in 2010, and could really lead to a lot of intense racing during the season. The experiment of allowing bump-drafting again at those two tracks could be accepted in a wider fashion if it turns out to be a success, but this is a very good first step for NASCAR. Sure it might create some anger between some racers on the track, but that is the intent behind letting something like this happen.

There are a couple of other rules that are going to be changed or relaxed in the 2010 NASCAR season, and an official announcement on those will be made in the days leading up to the 2010 Daytona 500. One of the other rumored changes is that they are going to transition the cars from a wing to a spoiler during races, and that there will be additional internal restructuring. Finally coming to terms with lower attendance numbers as well as worse television ratings means that NASCAR could be making these decisions from a money standpoint, but anything that makes the races more fun for viewers is definitely a good thing.



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