Golf Attire: Dressing Up to Code

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Written by Steven Bryan

Remember those outrageous golf outfits that Rodney Dangerfield wore in “Caddyshack?” At Martha’s Vineyard, which offers some of the best golfing in the country, Mr. Dangerfield’s character would have had to tone down his style quite a bit before approaching the first tee. The Vineyard’s rules require golfers to meet its dress code.

Dressing for Golf Success at Mink Meadows

Open to the public year-round, the Mink Meadows Golf Club has some firm dress code restrictions between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Blue jeans are not considered proper attire and no one is allowed to wear T-shirts, tank tops or cutoffs at any time.

What You Should Wear

Soft golf spikes. Mink Meadows is a soft spike facility only, so make sure to select a pair of golf shoes that contain soft plastic on the soles.

Vests. In cooler weather, a good wind vest can keep you warm while adhering to the dress code.

Hats and other caps. While on the green, keep your head covered with a cap or lightweight fedora.

Golf shirts. A piece of clothing that wears just as well while having dinner, a golf shirt is arguably one of your most essential pieces of sports gear. Choose a shirt that helps wick away moisture while you are shooting 18 holes.

Sweaters. A solid color cotton V-neck is both stylish and adheres perfectly to the Mink Meadows dress code.

Slacks. Pack a few pairs of comfortable golf slacks along with your golf bag for a trip to the Vineyard. Golf shorts and even skirts are also appropriate for warmer weather.

Playing 18 Holes at the Vineyard Golf Club

Though it is one of the newest golf courses in the area, the Vineyard Golf Club maintains many of the traditions that golfers enjoy, including walking the course with a caddy. This private golf club also uses an environmentally friendly approach to keeping the courses green and playable.

Dressing for the Vineyard Golf Club

As is the case at Mink Meadows, golfers need to show their etiquette here by how they behave on the course as well as what they wear for nine or 18 holes. You don’t have to sacrifice style or comfort, though, to comply with the dress code.

Here’s what to wear:

Golf slacks, shorts or skirts

Polo or golf shirts

Sweaters (V-neck or turtleneck)

Caps and fedoras

Avoid ultra-casual wear such a T-shirts, cutoff shorts and blue jeans and you’ll always hit a hole in one, at least as far as the dress code is concerned.

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