Will Tiger Woods Make a Comeback This Year?

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Is the Golfer Done for 2010?

Written by Chris Houston

Will Tiger Woods make his comeback to the sport of golf this year? Tiger Woods suffered what had to be the worst public relations nightmare any athlete has ever had to endure during any off season. Tiger Woods would probably now admit off camera that his undoing was at his own hands. The big question for golf fans is “when will Tiger Woods make his comeback?” When, if ever, will he talk about the alleged affairs on camera and admit his mistakes?

That’s a question that has no answer as of now. When many pro golfers are just beginning to hit the tees, Tiger Woods is allegedly in sexual addiction rehabilitation or counseling. Was the sport of golf the biggest lifestyle factor that allowed him to lead such an unusual life outside of his marriage? Did the sport of golf and the constant traveling basically perpetuate his affairs with various women? Was it an enabler?
If that is the case then Tiger Woods comeback might not happen in 2010. If his lifestyle was to blame and he truly wants to get it together then the sport of golf might not be exactly what the doctor called for.
Especially if it seems his marriage might work out after all. Tiger Woods certainly needs time with his wife to iron things out.

Golf for Tiger is his passion. That’s apparent. Tiger probably wouldn’t cheat on the game of golf by becoming a pro billiards player. He seems to love the game too much. Tiger should probably ask himself why he didn’t love his wife in the same manner. It’s not really our right to judge. But how can you not when rumors of alleged affairs became so numerous we lost count? In my opinion, Tiger Woods needs to answer many questions for himself before he ever returns to the game of golf. Those questions and healing will take some time. A comeback in 2010 then might be ruled out.

I still believe that Tiger Woods could make his comeback in 2010. It could provide closure and allow a one time media blitz to just get it all over with. Tiger Woods will have to answer all the questions eventually. Why not cap 2010 and then leave it alone so he can have a more normal 2011? He’d then return to golf as the best player in the game. Tiger Woods may have learned whether or not his golf lifestyle was an enabler in helping him have affairs by that point. Too much time away from his wife would be too easy of an excuse. Having tried it once and got away with it is the more than likely the culprit. Bad decisions are apparently easy to make when you have all the money and fame in the world. Too easy.

Tiger Woods had multiple chances and there were quite a few he didn’t pass up. Perhaps he’ll find answers in sex rehab. Maybe he’ll never find an answer. Probably the only thing Tiger Woods knows right now is that he loves the game of golf. On the course things probably seem fixable. A bad shot here or there can be replaced with a good shot. In marriage, a bad shot could end everything. Tiger took more than a few bad shots. If his marriage were an analogy to golf then he’d be hitting 6 on a par 5 from a different course in a different state.

For the sake of his kids I hope the two truly work it out. Maybe he and his wife could agree to one national interview with Oprah or Ellen and get it over with. Americans would really like to see a happy ending for somebody who seems like a pretty decent guy who just made some horrible decisions. Or am I still being fooled by the constant branding and marketing?

Tiger Woods might blame part of the sexual addiction on stress. He’ll probably also blame part of his actions on his father who apparently did the same thing. I hate that Tiger Woods had affairs just for the fact that he seemed so squeaky clean and honest. It’s tough to see someone you feel has it all together just completely lose it. It’s tough to comprehend that one of our most decorated athletes really wasn’t that much of an all star or legend within his own household. I probably wouldn’t have been surprised if it were one of many egotistical athletes who had routine affairs. Tiger Woods surprised me. He wasn’t exactly the person he was branded to be. Part of that is the fact that we tend to put athletes on a pedestal for doing the things in sport that seem unlikely. Tiger Woods was near perfection on the golf course but almost the opposite in terms of being devoted to his wife.

Yet with all this said I still want to see a comeback soon. I want the guy who once made golf a very watchable sport to come back to the game. I think the majority of Americans are probably ready to forgive Tiger if he just eventually comes out and says he’s sorry for what he did. I certainly don’t mean a press release on his website.

Does he owe us any apology? Normally I wouldn’t say as fans we would deserve to hear him utter a single word about his personal life. The problem is that he was branded and marketed as a first class guy. Obviously when it comes to his relationship he was no better than the average Joe. In some ways, he was well less. Still, I want to see him be forgiven and back to the sport. It is, after all, his element.

Just like anyone else who has made a mistake, or many of them, he needs to be forgiven. His first press conference will do a lot in determining his perception in the eyes of many. Tiger Woods will make his comeback official when he first speaks to the media and gets it out of the way. If he is smug and doesn’t answer the inevitable questions then I think his perception probably will never be what it was. If he is truthful and gets it over with then I think a mountain of forgiveness will come his way. Perhaps Oprah would be the right touch. Although I don’t think Oprah would be overly nice considering the circumstances and her dominant female viewing audience.

Nobody really would have cared if Tiger Woods was unfaithful in his personal life if he didn’t come across as being a super role model. The age old question of whether athletes should be role models once again becomes a definite no in terms of what they do outside of the realm of their individual sport. Kids should look up to great athletes as being great athletes and parents should help them make that distinction in my opinion. Nobody could ever say that Tiger Woods isn’t a great golfer. Is he a great human being to boot? That’s certainly debatable with any athlete and not just Tiger Woods. It’s not ours to judge but it’s hard not to considering the evidence. The best closure for all of us will be when Tiger Woods makes his comeback. Will that comeback be in 2010? I certainly hope so if he can figure some other stuff out. Golf just isn’t the same without him. He probably just isn’t the same without golf.

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