Chicks Dig Bikes Too

In a male dominated sport one woman stands out as a big shot…even at 5’2″!
Danica Patrick brought women up to ‘speed’ in NASCAR and females now have a name in motorcycle racing.
Her name is Peggy Llewellyn and this year alone she’s been in Essence, Decisive Latino and Heart and Soul magazines.
Being of Jamaican American and Mexican American descent, Peggy is the first black woman to win a professional motorsports event (2007),
and this year she became the first woman of color start her own professional motorsports team, 2 Wheel Woman Racing.

I love motorcycles. I love the speed, I love the freedom and I love that the motorcycle doesn’t discriminate.
Whether you are a man or a woman, you need the skills and training to ride safely.
Peggy’s story, her charitable endeavors (Divas For a Cure) and her company are an inspiration to chicks like me. Chicks ┬áthat just want to ride!

Those reasons and more are why I dig Peggy Llewellyn.

Maybe you should dig her too!

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