Who’s the Best Point Guard in The NBA

The league used to be dominated by the BIG man, but not anymore.
Now the league and it’s teams are run by the “little” man at the point.
Who’s the best in the league? Why? Can a forward be a point guard?

The Celtics Rajon Rondo comes to mind first. He’e an assist machine, great on-ball defender and an excellent rebounder…he still needs to improve his outside shooting, but he’s on the list.
Derrick Rose in Chicago is has a crazy first step, can finish at the rim and this year he’s scoring more (maybe because Boozer is out). Like Rondo his outside shooting will make his game better
For some reason, I think people have fallen asleep on Chris Paul in New Orleans, but when you’re looking at  a “do it all” point guard: Scoring, defending, rebounding and assist then he has to top the list.
With so many other PGs running the shows: Deron Williams in Utah, John Wall in Washington (yes, I know its a bit premature), Chauncey Billups in Denver is Mr. Big Shot and still one of the tops.
Now we’ve got Miami with LeBron and Wade both playing the point…although James cringes at the Point Guard title (Yeah…it destroyed Magic Johnson’s career didn’t it?).

Who is the top PG in the game today in your opinion?

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