A Quick, Late-Night Note

The busy season is here; a time when khakis get multiple wears, hairstyles get questionably creative, overtime starts on Tuesdays, and chips and salsa equals a balanced dinner. Hosting three bowl games in 14 days, with eight other events mixed in between, means forgetting what day it is, multi-tasking to the max, crying over Christmas cookies and limited blogging time. Our apologies for the lack of updates, we know, you’re on the edge of your seats. 

Of course, this is where we thrive, this is why we choose to work in the competitive, tiring industry that is the sports world. The next few weeks will be interesting, to say the least. I’ve actually considered locking the blog to avoid senseless, insomniac posting, but decided that may end up making for the most entertaining reads. 
A quick summary of our week: the Hawkeyes and Tigers have touched down in Arizona, the website is almost back to normal, setup and publicity are set for aforementioned events, we may go Office Space on the printers soon, sleep is a foreign concept and Murphy’s Law is in full-swing, as the office servers have gone down preventing any of us from being very productive. It’s only Wednesday.
Apparently, Christmas is only three days away and it will be the first time we spend it away from our families. We’ve started getting a bit homesick, but a quick pep-talk and some holiday jingles usually do the trick. We’re quickly becoming our own little dysfunctional, mildly crazy family. 
So the next two weeks, our posts may be nonsensical, brief or non-existent. I can assure you that come January, we will make up for it and I’m sure we’ll have many stories to tell. Until then, we’ll get by with a little help from our friends at Starbucks…
Happy holidays!

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