Worth Every Minute

“Did you hear that the board is giving us the Wednesday after the BCS game off as a thank you?!”
“Not the events department. We can’t take a day off. We will be still be tearing down and cleaning up College Football’s Biggest Party at the stadium. We’ll have to take a later day.”

Such is life in events. So, what happens after the 21,000 people who attended our pregame are long gone from the tailgate beer, barbecue sandwiches, concerts and games? A lot.

During Stadium Club

Working in events has taught me that any event begins a long while before the start time, and it definitely doesn’t end when everyone goes home. The aftermath of Bowl games is no different. The week after the National Championship game my department was at the stadium at 8AM every day. On day one, my supervisor handed me a pair of heavy duty work gloves and said, “Here, you’ll need these.” Boy, was he right.

Our post game week was filled with forklifting left over product from throughout the party site, tearing up thousands of pieces of hexadeck, our temporary flooring , that was stuck in the ground (and will haunt my dreams for years to come) thanks to the freak week of thunderstorms in Phoenix , saran wrapping, and securing them for transport, bringing supplies back to storage, coordinating with vendors for equipment pick up and general clean up.

This is the source of my post game nightmares
The lot is now empty and the busy season is officially OVER! I have loved it, hated it, then loved it all over again. As I sat at the BCS National Championship game, surrounded by 78,000 screaming Oregon and Auburn fans, my feelings of exhaustion were swept away with the realization that I had a (small) hand in bringing all of this together…and it was worth every minute of hard work it took to get to that moment. I was reminded exactly why I love working in events.

The BCS Party
Chatty and Social were working with a TV station using the rock wall as a background in a story so we paused for a photo op!
Our last gameday

- Keeping it Coordinated

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