Michael Vick Cancels Interview with Oprah. Big Mistake.

We announced to you on Monday that Michael Vick agreed to a sit-down with Oprah Winfrey.  She has been wanting this interview for years and it seemed that she was finally getting her wish next week when she was scheduled to have Vick on the show. As you all know I’m a HUGE Oprah fan and because of that you might think I’m  bias when I say that Vick just made a big mistake by canceling this interview.

Yes I get that Oprah is probably the biggest dog lover – she acknowledges they are like her children.

Yes, Oprah was PETA Person of the Year in 2008

Yes, Oprah would likely be aggressive when asking questions related to the dog fighting BUT, I have also watched Oprah grill other controversial guests like Mark Furhman, Sarah Palin and George W. Bush. Oprah doesn’t have to ‘like’ you to do a great and balanced interview.  I would guess she would have had the PETA and Humane Society representatives who have praised Vick’s work since his release from prison. Viewers would hear in his own words – not his PR people’s words how his life has changed and how he continues to rebuild it.

As the queen of TV talk and woman who has the ears of millions around the world, Vick would have had the opportunity for Oprah to congratulate him on his turnaround.  I don’t think we should assume that Oprah has not forgiven him for his crimes. He has done his time in federal prison, played an incredible season as the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, traveled around the country to talk to young kids about not following his path and more importantly, he has stayed out of trouble.  I believe Oprah would have provided him as much time to share that part of his story.

Now it looks ridiculous like he agreed to the interview but now has chickened out.  It would have been smart to just never agreed to the interview than to have said yes and now pull out days a few days before the big day. I blame his PR team not him for how this was handled.  What do you think?

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Lesley Batson

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