Jen Hilton on all-male American football team

Coventry Jets
There is an on-going debate between fans of American football and rugby as to which sport is better. We’ll leave that to someone else to decide but one thing everyone agrees on is that both sets of athletes are tough, tough and well, tough.
So when I read that English woman Jen Hilton is preparing to tog out with an all-male team, against all-male teams I was gob-smacked. 
Not disapproving – far from it – but genuinely stunned that she is that strong. And we hope, fast.
The Mirror newspaper carried a story yesterday saying: “Jen will be the first – and only – woman to play with and against men in the national league and, as one of the Jets’ running backs, she’ll be guaranteed contact with burly blokes on the field.” 
Wearing special gear including chest pads, she will line out for her first competitive match in April with the Coventry Jets. The town already hosts two flag football teams so maybe an all-women American football team is next?
Coventry Jets

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Niamh Griffin

Niamh works as a journalist in Ireland but blog also blogs about women in sport. She tries to be positive but does have a moan every now and then. She is based in Ireland. Read her blog at

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