Kentucky Barely Survives Princeton

Just watched the best game I’ve seen so far in the Men’s NCAA’s!!
Kentucky’s Brandon Knight was 0-7 for the game and hits a layup with 2 seconds left to put the Kats up 59-57 for the final score. Their leading scorer goes 1-8 and they win??!!
I have much respect for Princeton. They came out and ran with the Cats and for most of the game had the #4 ranked team on the ropes, but it was not meant to be.
Kentucky survived a wide -right 3/4 court shot to move on the the second round and I don’t think Knight goes 0-7 against West Virginia on Saturday.
One and done! Win or go home! No glass slipper for Princeton.
WOW! Let the Madness continue!

Chicks dig great games too!!!!

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