Saying Goodbye to Edge

New York, NY- If the reports of Adam ‘Edge’ Copeland retirement are true, which many sources on the internet say it is, then  fans of the WWE Product lost more than just a superstar. Fans lost a star that gave it his all night in and night out to do what he loved to do.


It is still shocking to many that this young man had to hang up his boots, but also understandable. There are many that feel it is better that he left this way, instead of pushing his body to the point of no return. Copeland now accomplishes a feat that many dream off-leaving at the top of his game and as a champion.


The thing that is upsetting many WWE fans as well as the company itself-is the idea of losing a versatile star in the company. Copeland could not only tug at the heart strings of fans everywhere, but he also accepted any challenge.


For the longest time Edge was stuck, like many talented stars in what is called ‘mid-card status.’ Fans loved him and the merchandise flew off the stands, but the blond star never truly had a look at singles heavyweight gold until a decision would be made that would forever change his career.


Whether it was his own call or the call of WWE Creative Edge turned heel and made the fans hate him. It was thanks to his many great performances as a heel that would allow him the many successful runs with the one strap that had eluded him.


Throughout that heel run Edge did just one thing to get fans to believe that he could carry the company, consistently put on solid matches. Yes he also cut some very good heel promos, but he made the fans respect him through some great rivalries.


Once established as a legitimate star in the ‘main-event’ spotlight Edge could do whatever he pleased with his character. He could be the face the company needed to push the new heels up the ladder, or continue in his way as a heel to help push the faces.


Either way Copeland would leave every single shred of his body, heart and soul in the ring. Selling each moment to the fans was a tough task, but Edge was up to the challenge and his consistent performances made him someone that everyone respected.


In the end Copeland is a perfect blue print on how to succeed in the WWE and not necessarily be the biggest guy in terms of bulk and muscle. This one journalist will always appreciate Copeland for the fact that he was a man in pursuit of a dream, and truly genuinely loved what he did.


So for the memories, the many great moments and making people believe that dreams come true this one journalist would like to say thank you Adam ‘Edge’ Copeland. And know now that all of us members of the WWE Universe will look forward to that day when you take your rightful place in the WWE Hall of Fame!


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