Coolest Athlete Homes

The people over at CNBC put together a really fun slideshow with the most impressive athlete homes.

Some of the highlights include Ray Allen’s 10,000 + square foot home in Washington. Before Ray switched to the east coast, home was in the pacific northwest. He played for the Seattle Supersonics which has since been transformed into the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Former Los Angeles Dodger Adrian Beltre has a $19 million California home that boasts a 35-foot custom painted ceiling, an infinity pool, rec room with a batting cage, basketball and tennis courts.

NFLer Terrell Owens has a beautiful sprawling mansion on 5 acres in Georgia that includes one of the most amazing walk-in closets we’ve seen plus it has a full-size basketball court with bleachers!

And taking the cake is probably golfer Tiger Woods new home in Jupiter Island, Florida which we’ve mentioned on this site before. It’s incredible. Estimated to be worth between $50 million – $60 million, the house has an oxygen therapy room, wine cellar, a 6,400 square-foot gym (that’s JUST the gym), a diving and lap pool plus two boat docks. The place looks massive.

You can drool over the pics here.

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