What it is like to be a woman WWE fan

New York, NY – When I was younger I fell in love with the WWF which is now known as the WWE.  I was a little girl that enjoyed stars like Hulk Hogan, Brutus ‘The Barber’ Beefcake, Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts and Randy Savage.

As I got older it became harder to be a girl/woman that was a fan of the company. It was looked down on, and I didn’t feel comfortable being a fan anymore. One day when I was in college I met two young ladies who became my friends, and they taught me that hey it is okay to be a woman and a WWE fan.

They taught me that no one else’s opinion matters but your own, and that there is nothing wrong with enjoying a product and a company such as the WWE.  We went to house shows together and I saw that there were other fans like myself and realized that hey you know it IS cool to be a wrestling fan.

I notice that there are plenty of ladies that attend the house shows, as well as the pay-per-view events.  I also see ladies at the autograph shows and buying the gear but I also wonder if more can be done to get us lady fans more active with the WWE.

What do you the fans think? Please leave your comments on what you would like to see from the WWE? It is okay to be a fan-trust me ladies-there are plenty of us out there!



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