Rory McIlroy Sets New Records In U.S. Open History

Rory McIlroy beat several records on Sunday, winning the U.S. Open and becoming the youngest since Bobby Jones in 1923 to do so. At 22 years old, the humble and charming McIlroy also became the first golfer reach 14-under par at the tournament which became his first win at a major. From North Ireland, he sparked a wave of celebration in his home country, becoming the second North Irelander in a row to win the U.S. Open.

Politicians in North Ireland now refer to McIlroy as their “Celtic Tiger” and he will be given a celebration when he returns home in the form of an open-top bus parade.

Many golfers and analysts are seeing McIlroy as the future of golf. British golfer Luke Donald said, “He probably has the most talent I’ve ever seen for a golfer.” Irish golfer Padraig Harrington thinks McIlroy could be the one to beat Jack Nicklaus‘record of 18 career majors. Harrington said, “If you are going to talk about someone challenging Jack’s record, there’s your man.”

McIlroy is one to watch. He’s bringing a little youth back into the game, and doing so humbly. When he won the tournament, on Father’s Day, he dedicated his win to his father and thanked his mother back home in Ireland.

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