Sports Date Of The Week: Beach Volleyball

We told you yesterday that NBA star Kevin Love will be competing in a beach volleyball tournament at the end of the summer, which got us thinking about the great summertime sport.

Why not try something a little different this weekend? If you live close to a beach, head down to the beach with a group of friends, or a group of couples and play some beach volleyball. It’s a great work out, and it’s fun to dig your toes into the sand, work up a sweat, then jump in the ocean! If you don’t have a volleyball, stop by any sporting goods store and pick one up. All you need is a net, a volleyball, and a group of friends to work on perfecting your spike.

For a list of locations to play beach volleyball in California, go here.

Queen of Sports

Catherine Sebring is the former publicist for Los Angeles Lakers superstar guard, Kobe Bryant. She and her resident writer Leah Hollar are the Queen of Sports. Check them out at

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