Metta World Peace Is A Self-Proclaimed Celine Dion “Groupie”

Ron Artest, soon to be Metta World Peace, tweeted his love for Celine Dion.

“Where are all my Celine dion groupies!!! Tweet me!!! I’m a groupie!!!!…”

Artest was in Vegas, where he caught Celine Dion in concert with some of his friends. Apparently, the show was so good it made him cry.

Artest said on Twitter, “Celine made me and all my thug friends cry with the French song!!!! She cried !!! Wow!!!! She hugged me !! I got chills!! My nipples froze!” Artest got a picture with Celine Dion and made it his new user picture on Twitter.

Who would have thought Ron Artest would be a Celine Dion fan?

Photos: Twitter

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