Glen Rice And Sarah Palin Fling Really Happened

The Internet was abuzz yesterday with word from The National Enquirer (of all sources) that the soon-to-be-published book about Sarah Palin’s life, “The Rogue,” features an excerpt that claims Palin had a fling with basketball player Glen Rice before she was married.

We didn’t want to take The National Enquirer’s word for it (and we certainly weren’t about to read the book) but lucky for us, plenty of reporters have read the book and confirmed the truth of the story. According to the book, the fling took place back in 1987 when the former Alaska governor was a sports reporter. Rice was playing for the University of Michigan, and the two met when his team played in the Great Alaska Shootout. Rice confirmed the story to the book’s author, Joe McGinniss.

How’s that for an interesting duo? Sarah Palin and Glen Rice. Who would have thought?

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