How Did Steve Jobs Influence How You Watch Sports?

We’ve known for years that Steve Jobs has been battling pancreatic cancer. He fought it for 7 years and to the public at least, there was no ‘why is this happening to me’ sobbing going on.  He lived quite the opposite.  While he was fighting this assault on his body, he envisioned and delivered an ingenious string of products and services including the MacBook, iPod, iPhone and iPad, after already rocking our world with iTunes.

iTunes itself was so mind blowing.  I was really frustrated by the file transfer sites that I used on my personal computer  (I know, shame on me) because oftentimes I’d download partial songs, poor quality songs or the worst – VIRUSES!  I worked professionally as a consultant and my company issued us Dell laptops. I hated them.  Every few months there was some virus or other issue leading to my system crashing or the ‘blue screen of death’.  When I quit to consult independently, the first thing I bought was a 12″ Apple laptop called the PowerBook G4. I knew that they HAD to be better than what I considered to be the virus prone Windows operating system and the Dell products. That was in 2005. I have yet to experience a virus or blue screen of death event since I ‘became a Mac’.  Everything was better on the mac. There were very few programs I needed to install. Most of what I needed came standard.   If I went to look up sports news or catch game highlights online, images and videos were SO much more vivid.   If I wanted to organize my own pics of sporting events it had built in iPhoto to help me organize all of that. It was fast, functional and looked great!

I had a Palm Treo as my phone but it also served to organize my life for years and I had no desire to get rid of it but when it finally started to die in 2008, I bought the iPhone 3G. It might sound dramatic but it did change my life.   It was more than just a cool phone.  The camera, built in iPod  (which surprisingly I never did own), the calendar and email was so far superior than what I had on the Treo.   It helped me consolidate and simplify my life with the various apps.  One of the first apps I downloaded was the ESPN ScoreCenter app that sends me alerts about my favorite teams and games. I tried many other sports apps through the years but this one has stuck. I have so many friends who have managed their workout and diet plans with iPhone apps.  They listen through apps with live radio connections to listen to their favorite game while they’re on the road. Of course there are so many other apps that help you manage your life.  Apple started all of that.

The iPad is another stunner that has enhanced the life of sports fans. It allows us to watch a game on the big screen, and track our fantasy football teams on a decent size screen while at the sports bar or downstairs in the living room.  It allows online magazine or newspapers to provide incredible looking content on a portable device feeding our hunger for immediate and beautiful information. Can you imagine waiting till you get back home or work to look up the score or see game highlights online??

Is there a podcast, book, interview or magazine of your favorite team or athlete that you want to catch on the road? Just buy it or download it on iTunes, sync it to your mobile device and watch it at your child’s soccer practice or while you’re away on business on a beautiful mobile device. The iPhone and iPad are the portable device of choice for millions of sports fans around the world.

I’ve always been a person who is willing to pay more for quality than to buy cheap, have it break down and I need to replace it.  My now husband bought me a new MacBook Pro in December 2009 but I still have my Powerbook G4. It could do with a battery replacement but otherwise it’s in great shape. Still no viruses, still moves at the same speed and I’ve never had to add any RAM or hard disk space. How many of you PC users can say that your 6 year old computers are in the same shape now than when you bought it?

I converted my brother, sister, niece, husband and countless friends into Mac users. Nobody has yet to tell me they regret it. They might have experienced some initial angst adjusting from Windows to Mac OS but they soon experienced what I did. Simplicity and bliss!

I’m sure Jobs had a succession plan with many other fun gadgets to come. We look forward to learning how they will improving our lives.

Thank you Steve Jobs for improving the lives of sports fans all around the world!

Lesley Batson

Lesley Batson is the Chief Chick at Fanatchicks | For Chicks Who Dig Sports! She grew up playing competitive sports from the age of 9 and still can't get enough. She created to create an online lounge for chicks who are opinionated about sports and fitness and like to have a good time! Follow @fanatchicks

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