The 2011 New York Yankees Team Was Built To Win This WS

With each fleeting game, my attempts not to notice the absence of the 2011 New York Yankees in the World Series is wearing thin.

The more I watch the Texas Rangers and the St. Louis Cardinals play, the more I realize that the 2011 Bombers were truly molded to win this postseason.

With only five games down and at most two left to play, the Rangers are looking to close this WS out after taking a 3-2 lead over the Cardinals. The Rangers won this unexciting Game 5 by a score of 4-2.

When this revelation really dawned on me was after viewing the Rangers and Cardinals make a slugfest dull in Game 3, that the Yankees could have beaten both these teams. I mean the Bombers beat the Rangers 7-2 in regular season games, and even if the Rangers win the whole shebang, I am still not buying it.

I recognize how totally outlandish this theory is based on the Yankees early exit from the ALDS, as they lost a heart wrenching Game 5 to the Tigers but that was the Bombers at their worst.

The Yankees bats were all out of sorts because when a team has one or two opportunities to tie a game and fail that is getting outplayed. It is different when a team strands a total of 12 men on base, as that my friend is choking.

By no means am I taking away from the Tigers performance, as Detroit was playing at the top of their game. Still, that doesn’t change the fact that the Yankees were not.

So, how can I say that an eliminated team is built to win the World Series?

Well, anyone with a brain would realize that the Rangers and Cardinals are not winning off dominant starting pitching; instead they are disarming opponents with their powerful bats and shutdown bullpens.

And what were the Yankees biggest strengths all season long, hitting and relief pitching.
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