New York Yankees: Free Agent Pitching Possibilities

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It came as no surprise to learn that the New York Yankees inked Brian Cashman to another three-year deal to stay the franchise’s GM, aka The Brain Behind the Bombers.

Cashman didn’t miss a beat, as he was busy locking up the team’s ace CC Sabathia for a guaranteed five years, with a vesting option for a sixth, just hours before he worried about his own contract.

For the first time in forever and after last off-season’s absurd drama, the Yankees will finally start an off-season calmly. For Cashman that means his attention will not solely be focused on putting all the pinstripe eggs into one free agents basket.

The Yankees GM said the main goal was resigning Sabathia; otherwise his focus will be on “pitching, pitching, pitching.”

Mark Feinsand of the NY Daily News wrote a great article and quoted Cashman responding to what the Yankees off-season goals this past Tuesday:

“As we enter the process this winter, I don’t anticipate a bat being of need at all. I anticipate people knocking on our door about the current bats we have. Offense is not a problem with this club, despite what happened in the Detroit series here in the first week of October. I don’t think we’re offensively challenged at all.”

Well, all this leaves for certain is that the relentless New York media will be mustering up plenty more BS than usual, as fans wait for 2012 Spring Training to start.
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