Queen Of Sports 101: Cornerback

The cornerback position may be a term you’ve often heard but never fully understood. Let us break down exactly what a cornerback’s job is.

Cornerbacks are defensive players. They cover receivers, and defend against pass offenses and make tackles. The cornerback is expected to defend against the forward pass, anticipate the quarterback, and  disrupt pass routes and execute man-to-man and zone coverage.

Zone coverage requires a cornerback to defend an assigned area of the field. Man-to-man coverage means the cornerback is responsible for covering a particular receiver who has been assigned to him.

Cornerbacks can be anywhere on the defensive side of the line scrimmage at the start of play, so there are no “illegal defense” formations.

A cornerback who is good at his position and can shut down an entire side of the field is called a “shutdown corner.”

Now that you know more about the position, you can better understand the jobs of players like Darrelle Revis and Nnamdi Asomugha, who are considered the top two cornerbacks in the NFL currently.

Queen of Sports

Catherine Sebring is the former publicist for Los Angeles Lakers superstar guard, Kobe Bryant. She and her resident writer Leah Hollar are the Queen of Sports. Check them out at http://queenofsports.com

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