New York Yankees: Stop Blaming, Start Winning And Shut-Up

New York Post – Back Cover- 12/20/11

Stop blaming, start winning and shut-up…. is a lesson both the New York Giants and Jets could learn from the New York Yankees.

Both the Jets and Giants represent New York and the NFL, but these professionals act more like spoiled brats who just talk the talk, but can’t seem to walk the walk.

Have you ever heard a Yankees publicly blame his teammates; or whine about lack of fan support after a loss?

Did anyone overhear Derek Jeter & Co. complaining about Alex Rodriguez’s playoff choke after the Yankees lost ALDS Game 5 this past season?

No, and even if Jeter thought it, as A-rod did blow three series-winning at-bats, it would have been for a passing second because the Yankees win and lose as a team.

See, even my mother knows that the Yankees play every game with all they got, so why can’t the Jets and Giants do the same?

Speaking as a Giants fan, what pisses me off is that the talent is clearly there, but the attitude doesn’t match-up. No one knows which Giants ‘team’ is going to show up that day. And the worst part is I don’t think the Giants players do either because they seem to give-up, instead man-up.

Look, the Giants are not alone here, as I am sure many Jets, Cowboys and Eagles fans feel the same way each week but that doesn’t excuse it.

So, this weekend other than a Giants shellacking of the Jets, I hope the game does not embarrass New York, two of the city’s loyal fan-bases and the game of football itself.

As reality is if both teams play like they did last Sunday, we are in for a turbulent four-quarters on Saturday.


Let me clear one thing up, the Jets are not the Giants, just like the Mets are not the Yankees.(…)
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