Euro Cup 2012 Final Spain Vs. Italy ~ By: Val Fulton of EPA Entertainment

Euro Cup 2012: in  Kiev, Ukraine

Spain V. Italy Final Match

Game Day: 07-1-2012 11:45 am Pacific Time

Written By: Val Fulton~EPA Entertainment
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Big win for Mario Balotelli, and The Italian soccer club in The Euro 2012, to propel them into the final round over the Germans.  Music to the ears of Kathleen Helfrey, founder of .

Mario Balotelli, striker for the Italian national team and Manchester City F.C. was born in was born in Palermo, Sicily, Italy to Ghanaian parents. The non-profit organization, The Maalgo Project, brings educational supplies to Ghana, and loves to support the soccer loving community by bringing American soccer jerseys to Ghana. The Maalgo project isn’t the only one excited for the win that sends the Italians to the final round of the Euro 2012 against Spain. Avid soccer fan, Italian President, Giorgio Napolitano, has been criticized highly for standing up against corruption and game fixing within the Italian soccer clubs, he was thrilled at the victory.

Italy is prepping to meet Spain on July 1, 2012 at 11:45 am Pacific time.
“Their tiki-taka playing style continues to have the critics purring”, says, Stewart Coggin.
Purr indeed, it is really beautiful to watch Spain’s Xabi Alonso and his short interchanges with team mates. In true Spanish football style Xabi plays a classic, clean game; Spain let’s the ball do the work. Seen as one of the greatest passers for The Spain National team, and Real Madrid, we will be sure to hear about Xabi in the final match up of Spain vs. Italy.

Who do you want to take the Euro 2012 title?

 Winners: 1964, 2008
 Runners-up: 1984
 Winners: 1968
 Runners-up: 2000 Semi-finalists: 1988

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