Val Fulton has questions for Warren Barton of The SD Flash


Val Fulton has questions for Warren Barton of The SD Flash.

Heading to the play offs soon, I have questions for San Diego Flash’s Head Coach, Warren Barton.

Do  YOU have questions for him too?

Former England International, Coach Barton, is making waves in the Western Conference with an undefeated Flash Soccer Season. The San Diego Flash is the strong soccer club from Southern California from which the MLS teams love to cherry pick hot new players.

Aspiring to one day make you an owner of a professional team, the San Diego Flash is a ripe investment in soccer opportunity. Pressing forward toward a seed in the MLS, the Flash are one team to invest in and watch.

So, in my upcoming interview with Coach Barton, I am going to ask him rabid fans of the game, LIKE ME, want to know:

Who are your players to watch? Who do you think will be the next to be scouted out by the MLS?

Who are your favorite American soccer players?

What’s your favorite soccer stadium to visit?

What is it going to take for the United States to improve their status in the international arena?

Have you tried my favorite restaurant in the Gaslamp district, Meze?
How can soccer fans become an owner of a professional soccer team and promote American soccer?

Last but not least… WHY OH, WHY did Portugal’s Cristiano Renaldo get placed fifth in the line up for penalty kickers in the EURO 2012 semi-final game against Spain?

If you too have questions for Coach Barton, let me know.

~ Val Fulton
EPA Entertainment
@Belle_Skin on Twitter

Val Fulton

Val Fulton is the President/ CEO of La Chat Belle, Director at EPA Entertainment, and Host of TKITK. She is the mother of four sweet children she affectionately calls her, ” kittens “. Ms. Fulton has worked for and with top start ups and US Fortune 500 corporations such as Bank of America, and one of the first online Venture Capital companies VentureSurf & New Model Ventures. She has been an entrepreneur founding and starting several companies as well as consulting for multiple individuals and businesses. She is an expert in marketing, business development, sales, fund raising, social networking, technology, SEO, branding and finance. She has been a member of numerous charities and non profits including the Maalgo Foundation. Ms. Fulton's energy, determination, optimism, creativity, and leadership skills brings to the organization an unparalleled level of momentum to any group, organization or company.

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