Confidence, Poise, Skill and Grace = Gabby Gold

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I always like to see the glass as half full but it was a little hard to ignore the many ‘shaky’ compliments given to Gabby Douglas up till the moment she won her all around gold.  The commentators certainly didn’t make it sound as if she was one of the strongest of the Fierce Five – even after she won the qualifying meet from which these five Olympians were selected.  Even after she nailed several of her events the commentators were still discussing how inconsistent Gabby is and beam wasn’t her strongest event.  Meanwhile all along, Gabby believed in herself, in the coaching she received, the love she had from her mom, siblings and host family and she knew what she could do.  Her teammates also believed in her. She didn’t waiver at all from the hype about the American women being expected to win. She was so focused and did what she needed to do to bring home the gold.

Gabby was always poised with her head held high.  She was adored by the gymnasts from all countries and she has grown women admiring her for her strength and accomplishments.  Other athletes won their events and earned a gold but not all earned ‘Gabby Gold’.  The ability to compete at a world class level, win and show world class confidence and humility.  I’m not sure I even saw her shed a tear…because she always knew she could win.  She didn’t have to shout it from the mountain tops or need the media to blow her up. She did it her way and we are very proud of the example you set for young girls and women on how to be a graceful winner.

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You deserve all the incredible blessings and endorsements coming your way Gabrielle Douglas.

How did Gabby inspire you?


Lesley Batson

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