Road Trip! Ohio U vs Penn St

As potentially one of the most anticipated season openers, the  Ohio U vs Penn State  game was one that I knew I would be attending right from the release of the schedule. I am a second year MBA/MSA graduate student at Ohio University and all of my classmates and I were going to make the road trip down to Happy Valley together. As a graduate student, I don’t have as much pride invested in Ohio University as someone who would have gone to undergrad here, but over the past year it has definitely grown on me. I wanted to see my school win, but at the same time, with everything that had happened at Penn State over the past 10 months a home opener win would also be good to help rebuild their brand. I had never been to Happy Valley before, but as soon as we got there you could see how badly they were trying to pick themselves back up. Cardboard cut outs of Joe Paterno could be found everywhere, as well as signs saying “We Support Penn State Football”… no doubt, the match up was going to be emotional. Come kick off we took a moment of silence for all those affected by molestation, the eerie silence in the Penn State stadium made me feel uncomfortable but the anticipation for kick off overpowered that emotion quickly…

By kick-off the adrenaline immediately shot up, I watched my boys play hard, but not hard enough to gain a lead by the end of the first half. Come the 3rd quarter it was like a complete 180.. Penn State couldn’t get points on the board and suddenly every OU footballer was playing their role. I don’t think I ever cheered so hard in my entire life and there were definitely moments when I had tears in my eyes from excitement. The final score was 24-14 and if Ohio U was at home, you’d better believe people would be running through the streets parading. However, as OU spirit was lifting, you could see the Penn State fans hang their heads low and leave the stands before the game was officially over. As we walked through the streets back to my classmates house, Penn State fans actually congratulated us and offered us food from their tailgates. I was shocked to see how kind they were and very humbled by it. This game was one I will never forget and will likely go down in history, especially for my school. I even 4 days after the game I still think about how amazing it was and how much pride I have for my school’s football team. They really showed up that day, and proved Sport Center wrong.

This is why I love football, because you never REALLY know what can happen, and it definitely ain’t over till its over!


Kirsten Grohs

Kirsten is earning her MBA/Master in Sports Administration at Ohio University. She's an avid football fan and can't wait to work in the big leagues.

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