Get DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket on Your PS3 Without Satellite Service

For many NFL fans, it’s not enough to just watch Sunday Night Football or Monday Night Football.  If you don’t live in or near your favorite team’s market, you might not be able to see the game.  DirecTV introduced the NFL Sunday Ticket a few years ago and it’s AWESOME.  I had the ‘Ticket’ for the last 2 NFL seasons and living in Orlando, I could watch my Chicago Bears.  Unfortunately, I moved a few months ago and I cannot get DirecTV satellite service at my new home.  I thought I was S.O.L. but I was wrong.  I have a PlayStation 3 and it is my savior! :)

The NFL made DirecTV offer NFL fans who are not satellite service subscribers the same access to all games so they partnered with SONY to do so.  It ain’t cheap but considering the cost to travel to each of these games, it’s a steal – like my justification?! ;)  To get all non-local NFL games, Red Zone, stats, highlights and ability to freeze/rewind/replay games, it’s only $299.95. There is no contract, just a one-time purchase for the season.

It takes about 10 minutes to get it going but here’s what you need to know if you are not currently a DirecTV subscriber:

  1. You must be in the United States.
  2. You really are eligible for this because you are supposed to not be able to get DirecTV satellite service at your location – either because of building/landlord restrictions or you don’t have a southeast line of sight for the signal.
  3. You must have a high-speed internet connection.  Wireless is fine but if you want to ensure the quality of your picture is maximized, you might want to make a wired connection from your PS3 to your modem.
  4. You will pay for the service using your PlayStation wallet. You do not have to pre-load it. It gives you the opportunity to add funds during the purchase process.
  5. Although there are apps for mobile devices, you will only be able to watch the games from wherever you access your PS3 so likely just your living room TV.  (NFL Sunday Ticket Max is only available to DirecTV satellite subscribers)

If you’re cool with all of that, you can go ahead and get started.  To find the app, go to the PlayStation Store on your PS3, go to New Releases, you will see ‘NFL Sunday Ticket’.  Select it and add it to your shopping cart (the app is free). Download it to your system.  Once downloaded, go to the app.  It will ask you a couple of questions. Answer them, complete your purchase and then you’re ready for some football!  The slideshow below shows you how easy it is to install.


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