Exercising On the Run

As a female college student, who loves sports, you are one busy bee. You know the importance of exercising to keep your energy levels and get in the shape you need to participate at your optimum level. So..what are some creative ways to exercise while on the go?

Organize a Sorority Run

Running is one of the best all-body workouts you can get. Not only does your cardiovascular system get a good workout, but your musculoskeletal system will be thanking you. Running by yourself can be a bit boring, though. So, how about organizing a sorority run? Or, organize a group of friends for a daily run.

Fit the run into a 30-minute period during a time convenient for everyone. Run at a pace that allows you to converse with the person next to you, but still have you working up a sweat. That way you will be getting the best workout possible.

Do Isometrics

Isometrics are simple, unobtrusive and convenient. You can do them anywhere. Do them while sitting in your classroom. Do them while standing in line at the student union. Isometrics involve muscle contractions. All you do is tighten up muscle groups throughout your body and hold for six seconds.

Exercises increase your heart rate, enhance muscle strength, improve your blood circulation and keep your energy levels up. While sitting, tighten your butt muscles, then thigh, calf and ankle muscles. You get the idea.

Dance Classes

Have you heard your friends talk about how much they wish they could dance? There is your chance. Get your friends together to take a dance class. Dancing is a great aerobic workout.

Choose your favorite version. If the class is offered as a physical education class, that is all the better. Salsa, swing, tango, line dance or any number of styles will get you in shape.

Start Doing Yoga

Yoga is more than simply breathing deep while visualizing pleasant scenes. You can stretch and strengthen your body by engaging in this ancient mind and body discipline.

Plus, the deep breathing will help you cope better with your busy lifestyle. You will go to classes refreshed and ready to tackle whatever comes at you.

To burn even more calories, get creative and take a hot yoga class. Hot yoga involves sitting in a room with high temperatures. You work up a sweat quickly without even moving. When combined with yoga postures, it can be particularly beneficial for doing on the run.

Water Sports

As a sports lover, you enjoy staying active. Water sports will offer just that. With so many options available, you can participate either solo or with friends. Start swimming, doing water aerobics, join a rowing team, play some water polo, or engage in some walking or running on water treadmills as an especially fun and calorie-burning way to exercise.

Staying active is important for everyone, especially college students who have a tendency to sit at desks all day. Exercising improves focus, releases endorphins and improves your mental outlook. Doing it creatively, and regularly, will give you the energy you need for your busy college lifestyle.

Crystal Snow

Crystal Snow is a certified fitness instructor who teaches college students the importance of staying fit to maintain a fulfilling academic lifestyle.

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