Is There Too Much Smoke And Mirrors Coming From The Dallas Cowboys?

RomoJerryI recently wrote an article titled: “Can the Dallas Cowboys (Amidst Cap Hell) afford to keep Tony Romo?” I brought up the fact that The Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager, Jerry Jones, has turned the Dallas Cowboys in to the wide world of BS, marketing strategies and flash. As I observe all the news and articles coming out of Valley Ranch, it only further proves my point.

In this article I want to touch on what exactly drove me to make that statement. If you read that article, You saw that I did an in depth breakdown of just how bad the current salary cap situation really is. After doing a survey among my readers with my 10 questions article, I came to the realization that pretty much all fans are in agreement that the primary needs of the Dallas Cowboys are first and foremost offensive line, and secondly, the defensive line. Do you agree?

When ever the word elite comes up when associated to NFL QB’s, the first two names that come to the mind of most fans are Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. I am sure that most NFL fans will agree that they are probably the two most immobile QB’s in the NFL. To put it bluntly, they are like statues in the pocket. So to be fair, we will say they are half as mobile as Tony Romo. (This may be giving them a little too much credit to be honest.)

I went back to 2009 and figured out the average amount of hits and sacks each QB took per season. I used the information provided by You can verify my results by CLICKING HERE.

  • Peyton Manning: Hits: 45.6 – Sacks: 16.6
  • Tom Brady: Hits: 65 – Sacks: 25.5
  • Tony Romo: Hits: 77.25 – Sacks: 35

What this means is: if Peyton Manning and Tom Brady had Tony Romos’ offensive line, they would have taken an average of 144.5 hits and 70 sacks per season. Think I am wrong? Put one of them back there and watch.



If you figure the amount of hits and sacks that Tony Romo has taken over the last four years: you will realize that Tony Romo gets knocked to the turf an average of 9.3 times per game and is hurried on about 70% of passing plays. Peyton manning gets knocked to the turf an average of 1.29 times per game.

Taking that in to consideration, let’s take a look at how Jerry Jones has handled that situation. Below I have listed the offensive linemen that Jones has drafted since 2009.

  • 2009: Robert brewster, OT, 3rd round: Bust, no longer on the team.
  • 2010: Sam Young, OT, 6th round: Bust, no longer on the team.
  • 2011: Tyron Smith, OT, 9th overall: So far hasn’t lived up to 9th overall pick. David Arkin, OG, 4th round: So far a bust. Bill Nagy, C, 7th round: No longer on the team.
  • 2012: Didn’t take a single offensive lineman, in spite of promising a “Romo Friendly Draft.” He brought in two sub par bottom of the barrel FA’s and traded a 7th round pick to Miami for a 3rd string utility player.
Credit: NFL

Credit: NFL

The last time that Jerry Jones drafted a starting quality interior offensive lineman was in 2002: Andre Gurode, C. The last time Jerry Jones drafted a starting quality offensive guard was 1994!!!!! Larry Allen. Prior to Tyron Smith, the last time Jerry Jones drafted a starting quality offensive tackle was 1998!!!! Flozell Adams.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, Jerry Jones has only drafted four starting offensive linemen in the last 19 yrs. (unless you want to count Doug Free in the 5th round). Guess what? The Dallas Cowboys have had only one playoff win in the last 17 years. Coincidence?

Since 2009 the Dallas Cowboys have drafted six linebackers and brought in at least 15 of them as free agents. Two of which were drafted last year. Over the same period they have drafted 4 safety’s and brought in at least 20 as free agents.

I want you to ask yourself one question: If you were Tony Romo, would you really want to sign an extension with The Dallas Cowboys? Or, would you want to wait and see if the “Know-It-All” General Manager of the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones, actually drafts some decent offensive linemen? If you ask me: HELL NO!

If you remember, following last years draft, there was a ton of hype coming out of Valley Ranch about Matt Johnson and Kyle Wilber. Neither saw the field because they couldn’t even get out of camp healthy. This year rolls around and they have 3 players come in for a visit. Moore an all pro offensive guard, Durant a LB, who has spent most of his career watching from the sidelines, and Allen, a backup safety from Pittsburgh. (Keep in mind all of the hype surrounding Wilber and Johnson following the 2012 draft) and who does Jerry Jones sign? The LB first, and the safety second when they drafted both positions last year! Let me see if I have this right? He chooses two career backups over the all pro guard when they are in cap hell?

What is Jerry Jones Thinking? Listen folks:

you can continue to read and buy in to all of the BS coming out of valley ranch, but the fact is, their recent actions in FA, prove that Jerry Jones not only gives two shits about addressing the offensive line, but it goes to show that they have no faith in the LB and safety they drafted in 2012. You are entitled to your opinion, but as I said in the a fore mentioned Tony Romo article: this writer isn’t buying the book.


CowgirlCas was raised by a loyal Dallas Cowboys fan. Her father has been a fan since the early Landry days, so the Cowboys have always been part of her life. Her dad is a former player and currently coaches a team, she was raised on football. Her passions also include, studying psychology, writing, NASCAR, MMA, music, long days at the beach, and working out. She is also a staff writer at SportDFW. Follow Her On Twitter : @CowgirlCas22

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26 Responses

  1. boysteamusa says:

    Wow, Look at you Cas!  Yes there is too much smoke and mirrors coming from Valley Ranch and not enough punch power, particularly in the trenches.  You well make the case here on O-Line deficiencies.

  2. Fan4Life69 says:

    CowgirlCas22 So salty with the language!

  3. My_Own_Pace says:

    CowgirlCas22 Jerry isn’t magically going to be better @ cap management nor the draft. Boycott the dallascowboys until Jerry fires himself.

  4. BrianBulloch says:

    Jerry is killing us.  He can’t manage the cap.  He sprays around huge contracts to average, below average players.  Think we had cap problems this year?  Wait until the next couple of years!  Soon to be full blown rebuilding mode.  The bad trades, the poor drafts, poor cap management will doom the Cowboys for years.  I’m majorly bummed but I’ve decided I’m not spending one more cent on Cowboy tickets, hats or shirts until Jerry fires himself.  Let him sit there with a half empty stadium looking at another 6-10 team.  Maybe then it will dawn on him…but I doubt it.  Boycott the Cowboys!

  5. according2boyz says:

    CowgirlCas22 #frustrated is the theme of this team. Absolute worst managing the cap now and be ahead of it. Very beaten

  6. CoffeyHugh says:

    I AGREE 100%.i said the same thing ,We have depth at LBer,We shud not have signed Durant,and Smith,I wanted Huff,or even Barber.Morre wld be a good signing,and draft a few olinemen and a dlinemen and a safety.

  7. EricJones9196 says:

    CowgirlCas22 dallascowboys both on close to minimum deals. They have a standing offer to Moore if he wants it.

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