Breaking! Dallas Cowboys Can Not Use Franchise Tag on Tony Romo If He Doesn’t Sign An Extension.

Romo2010campThere has been a buzz around the media that the only way the Dallas Cowboys will be able to do anything substantial in free agency moving forward, is if Tony Romo signs an extension. What most didn’t know about, is the secret clause in his contract.

I have had several debates with other fans over the past few months that maybe the Dallas Cowboys franchise quarterback, Tony Romo, has no desire to sign a new deal with the Cowboys because he is tired of running for his life. The favorite retort was that they could just use the franchise tag on him.

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The other debate I had with people was that if the Cowboys traded Tony Romo there would be a cap hit against the Cowboys. At that time, I informed them that Tony Romo has a special trade clause in his contract that actually doesn’t end until 2015. So, in the event of a trade, the other team would have to assume the rest of the contract and there would be no impact on the Dallas Cowboys. What I didn’t know, was the major loop hole in the contract that could leave the Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones hanging high and try.

The fact of the matter is: if you thought Tony Romo was holding the Cowboys hostage before, you are in for a big surprise now! To be blunt, he owns Jerry Jones at this point. Why? Because Jerry came in to this hand holding four aces, but Tony Romo is holding a royal flush.

According to a league source:

The Dallas Cowboys will not be able to use their franchise tag on franchise QB Tony Romo next offseason if they do not sign him to a contract extension.

Tony Romo has three years left on his current contract because of the trade clause, but the final two years of the contract would void if he is on the roster by the end of the 2013 league year. The team would not be able to place the franchise tag on him because the end of the league year comes after the deadline to use franchise tags.

Oops. Jerry Jones is in a real fix here folks! I hate to be the one to break it to you Cowboys fans, but at this point, Tony Romo can write his own ticket. As for Jerry Jones, he may just have to cash in his chips and fold.


CowgirlCas was raised by a loyal Dallas Cowboys fan. Her father has been a fan since the early Landry days, so the Cowboys have always been part of her life. Her dad is a former player and currently coaches a team, she was raised on football. Her passions also include, studying psychology, writing, NASCAR, MMA, music, long days at the beach, and working out. She is also a staff writer at SportDFW. Follow Her On Twitter : @CowgirlCas22

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  1. Tony09s says:

    If Michael Vick got 40 million guaranteed 2 years ago, Imagine what Romo is going to ask for…

  2. Hontasp says:

    CowgirlCas22 Explains Jerry’s public love for Romo. Nonetheless, ouch is correct!

  3. Fan4Life69 says:

    CowgirlCas22 Just saw that retweeted. Could get interesting.

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