Will Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo Be Calling The Plays In 2013?

The biggest trend on Twitter yesterday was the Tony Romo contract. The supporters and haters alike, were out in force. What I found the most amusing was the responses by certain talking heads of the media and former players. If there is one thing I sensed among them, it was a whole lot of “JEALOUSY”. As far as the Haters go, “Get Over IT”, He Is Going To Be In Dallas For Another Six Years. At this point, you have two choices: find another team to cheer for or support the man. He is our QB and puts us in the best position to win. The above photo was all over Twitter so I don’t know who to give the credit to, but read it carefully. It comes with a $108 million smile too.



There are times as a sports writer when you are forced to come to the realization that “CROW” doesn’t taste too good. It comes with the job. With everything that has happened in Dallas, I was of the mind that Tony Romo wanted to test the market. I was also of the mind that he was sick of owner and general manager Jerry Jones’ crap. Of course none of us know what all is scribed in to the clauses and sub clauses of the new contract. I do know one thing for sure, in spite of the fact that I was wrong about Tony Romo wanting to test the market, and being tired of running for his life, I was right about one thing. I cited repeatedly  in previous articles, that Tony Romo was a top 5 quarterback in the NFL and would command somewhere in the neighborhood of $20 million a year. I have included the details of the new contract below.

Will Tony Romo play until he’s 39 years old? Maybe, maybe not, but the structure of the deal allows the Cowboys to move some money around in 2014 and ’15.

Here’s the breakdown of Romo’s contract, not including the $25 million signing bonus:

2013: $1.5 million base salary, $11.818 million cap figure

2014: $13.5 million base salary, $21.773 million cap figure

2015: $17 million base salary, $25.273 million cap figure

2016: $8.5 million base salary, $15.135 million cap figure

2017: $14 million base salary, $19 million cap figure

2018: $19.5 million base salary, cap figure

2019: $20.5 million base salary, cap figure

With the high cap figures in 2014-15, the Cowboys can lower Romo’s base salaries to the league minimum and turn the difference into signing bonus. Such a move in 2014 could save the Cowboys $10 million in cap space but add $2.5 million to the cap figures in each of the remaining years.

In the first three years of the deal, Romo will make $57 million for a $19 million average. In the first four years of the deal, he will make $65.5 for a $16.38 average.

Without seeing the specific language, Romo was able to do well in the first three years and the team was able to do well over the first four years. Both sides would call that a win-win deal.

(Contract details are courtesy of ESPN Dallas/Fort Worth.)

Credit: usatoday.com

Credit: usatoday.com

I can say this much, Jerry Jones knew that if Tony Romo hit the open market, he would command top dollar. I am still eating a little “CROW” due to things I wrote in previous articles, but the Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones did give him $108 million reasons to stay. Don’t forget, he also got $55 million in guaranteed money which is among the most of any player in NFL history. Equal to what Drew Brees got too. It is also the biggest contract ever awarded to a Dallas Cowboy. (Not bad for an undrafted guy out of Eastern Illinois hunh?) Not to mention, it is more than the recent Super Bowl winning quarterback Joe Flacco who only received $52 million in guaranteed money. As I have also said in the past: Jerry Jones, is indeed a great salesman. I do have the consolation of knowing that the haters are actually eating more “CROW” than I am. But,,, as I said in a previous article:

“You can rant and rave, pound your fists on the table, or kick the cat, Tony Romo is going to get paid.”

Get over it, Tony Romo is our quarterback and puts us in the best position to win.

Now that the preliminaries are out of the way, let’s move on to the focus of the article. According to DallasCowboys.com: Owner/general manager Jerry Jones said in a statement that Romo will have a significant level of input and contribution to the planning and implementing of the offensive approach in the meeting room and on the field.

“This is a significant day in terms of securing stability for our team for the future,” Jones said.

“Tony is uniquely qualified to lead this team at the quarterback position for the next several years. He has an abundance of experience and familiarity with our offensive philosophy, our head coach and the personnel around him. He is moving into a period of time where he can maximize all of his natural skills while continuing to build upon the talents that he has developed since entering the NFL.”

Credit: NFL

Credit: NFL

Could this be why there has been no indication from valley ranch as to who would be calling the plays? Only time will tell, but any of us who study the game of football have noticed one thing. It seems that the Dallas Cowboys move the ball best late in games and/or when they are in the no huddle offense. If you know anything about football, that’s when the quarterback, more times than not, is calling the plays. You also know that Tony Romo not only has the best 4th quarter passer rating of any quarterback in the NFL, (112) he is also the most efficient in the two minute drill. So,, stay tuned to see just how much input Tony Romo has on the offense going forward.

However, the most impressive part of his resume, is the fact that he is currently 5th all time in career passer rating. The haters will say stats don’t matter, but the people who “REALLY” know anything about football understand that passer rating is a scientific formula designed to establish the “OVERALL” efficiency of a QB. They also understand that no NFL owner, general manager or scout, evaluates a player based on the success of the “TEAM”. They evaluate his individual performance.

The bottom line is: weather you’re a hater a fan or undecided, Tony Romo will be the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys moving forward.


CowgirlCas was raised by a loyal Dallas Cowboys fan. Her father has been a fan since the early Landry days, so the Cowboys have always been part of her life. Her dad is a former player and currently coaches a team, she was raised on football. Her passions also include, studying psychology, writing, NASCAR, MMA, music, long days at the beach, and working out. She is also a staff writer at SportDFW. Follow Her On Twitter : @CowgirlCas22

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