Northwestern Student-Athletes Can Unionize. Now What?

Anybody who ever earned – and I do mean EARNED – a college athletic scholarship knows how demanding that commitment is.  Yes, it is an incredible benefit to get your tuition, books and housing paid but as a track athlete I had to juggle classes and studying with hours of practice, team meetings, rehab for injuries and travel to competitions when we were in season.  I always said it was like a job.  When you’re talking about hockey and football,  you’re talking about a much more physically demanding  commitment of your body with these contact sports.


Track and field was not considered a revenue-generating sport but all the money that football brings into most programs is substantial at the schools with bigger football programs – it’s even more significant.  A federal agency said Wednesday that football players at Northwestern University can create the nation’s first union of college athletes.  I think it’s noble that the Northwestern students were victorious  and will soon vote to have the College Athletes Players Association, or CAPA, represent them, but it is really going to change college athletics if this spreads across the country.

What do you think about student-athletes being classified as university employees entitling them to benefits?

Lesley Batson

Lesley Batson is the Chief Chick at Fanatchicks | For Chicks Who Dig Sports! She grew up playing competitive sports from the age of 9 and still can't get enough. She created to create an online lounge for chicks who are opinionated about sports and fitness and like to have a good time! Follow @fanatchicks

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