I’m Not Sure Who Offends Me More: Donald Sterling, his girlfriend or NAACP (VIDEO)

I’ve been asked several times for my opinion on the Donald Sterling recorded conversation where he expresses his disgust and disapproval of his girlfriend for having posed for a pic with Magic Johnson and posted it to Instagram.

I posted a video commentary:

(Brief history from Bleacher Report referenced in my commentary video).

Even the great Michael Jordan – who rarely puts out public statements – expressed his outrage.

Here are a few key quotes from the 9 minute call that I referenced and which just blew my mind:

I’m pretty sure ‘the culture’ Sterling is referring to is his 1%-elite-anglo culture of looking down on others, especially those of color.


He is clearly delusional if he thinks his girlfriend is perceived by the world or ‘his culture’ as white.


I’m not sure what he means by delicate but you can no longer be delicate because you post a pic of yourself with Magic Johnson???


Yep, it bothers him and it matters!




Craziest line of the whole convo: ‘…feed him, **** HIM, I don’t care’  HUH??




Lesley Batson

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