NFL’s Super Bowl Demands Rival Rock Star Riders


I think I might have come across one of the most ridiculous list of requests EVER.  This is a list of requests the NFL handed to the Minnesota Super Bowl Bid Committee before they selected them for the 2018 Super Bowl they will host.

There is a reason that the Minnesota Vikings play in a dome.  It is usually FREEZING cold in February.  Isn’t that well known fact??  Why would the NFL demand ““three top-quality 18-hole golf courses” to be reserved for league use, at no cost to the NFL“. Listen I love to play golf but not if it’s below 65 degrees. I find it hard to believe many of the NFL staff really want to golf in Minnesota in February either.

The NFL also requested, “Guarantees to receive all revenue from the games’ ticket sales“.  I get that the host city hotels, restaurants and retail locations tend to make a killing but c’mon.  Does the NFL deserve 100% of the ticket sales??

I love to watch NFL football but the greedy requests/demands in this list are truly ridiculous. I’ve heard of entertainers making obscene and mind-boggling demands in their riders for their concert tours but NFL, you have got to do better!

Click here to read the full 153-page list of demands.


Am I being cynical or is this list appalling to any other fanatchicks?

Lesley Batson

Lesley Batson is the Chief Chick at Fanatchicks | For Chicks Who Dig Sports! She grew up playing competitive sports from the age of 9 and still can't get enough. She created to create an online lounge for chicks who are opinionated about sports and fitness and like to have a good time! Follow @fanatchicks

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