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8In February 2007, Lesley Batson (Chief Chick)’s beloved Chicago Bears earned a spot at Super Bowl XLI and since she had not been able attend a single game that season because she had relocated to Florida, she just knew there was no way she was going to be that close to Miami and not be a part of the action.  She hopped on a short flight to Miami by herself, stayed at an overpriced wannabe 3-star hotel on South Beach and soaked it all in.  There were thousands of people in town for the big game and many of them were women.  As she strolled down Ocean Drive she realized, she wasn’t the only diehard female football fan, there were plenty of others yet there was nowhere for them to engage with each other about the sport…or in fact in any sport.

That’s when Fanatchicks was born.




We chicks dig a lot of things…

Stilettos. Kittens. Chocolate. Weddings. Sara Jessica Parker. Candles. Chanel. Brunch. Jewels.

A special group of us also dig sports.  Ya, we said sports. Real sports. Tough sports.
Football. Baseball. Basketball. Hockey. Golf. Formula One. Soccer. Rugby.
You name it. We have fans. Young and old.

We dig playing sports.  We dig watching sports.
We dig guys who play sports. We dig chicks who play sports.
We dig discussing sports. We dig being absolutely fanatical about sports.

But we also dig fitness. And healthy living. We share our thoughts and opinions
with other chicks who dig sports, and fitness, and healthy living.

Oh, and we dig the guys who dig the girls who dig sports.
If you’re a chick and fanatical about sports, fitness, and life, then you’re a “fanatchick” too.

* All original content on Fanatchicks.com is written by and for female sports fans *

Lesley is also very passionate about seeing your girls grow to become strong, independent and confident women.  She has combined her love for sports and urge to serve to form Fanatchicks Care, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that is creating programs to fulfill this mission.


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