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Road Trip! Ohio U vs Penn St

As potentially one of the most anticipated season openers, the  Ohio U vs Penn State  game was one that I knew I would be attending right from the release of the schedule. I am a...

That’s a Wrap 1

That’s a Wrap

Now that my wool socks and rain boots have dried out, Blue White is officially over. This weekend was a perfect example of why live events can be fantastic or horrible, or both. 

Friday, we had a great turn out for our carnival, dunk tank and li…

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Worth Every Minute

“Did you hear that the board is giving us the Wednesday after the BCS game off as a thank you?!””Not the events department. We can’t take a day off. We will be still be tearing down and cleaning up College Football’s Biggest Party at the stadium. We’ll…

A Quick, Late-Night Note 0

A Quick, Late-Night Note

The busy season is here; a time when khakis get multiple wears, hairstyles get questionably creative, overtime starts on Tuesdays, and chips and salsa equals a balanced dinner. Hosting three bowl games in 14 days, with eight other events mixed in betwe…

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