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Queen Of Sports 101: Free Agency In The MLB

For the first time in his MLB career, Albert Pujols entered into free agency status following his team’s World Series win. Pujols’ eight-year $111 million contract expired yesterday, along with 148 other players in the MLB who have become free agents. The Cardinals have  four days to speak exclusively to Pujols before the market opens […]

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Queen Of Sports 101: Safety

A safety in football can be compared to an “own goal” in other sports. It is the only way a team not in possession of the ball can score, and is worth two points. A safety, as we saw this weekend in the Bears vs Buccaneers game, can happen when a player in possession of […]

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Queen Of Sports 101: Rear-Naked Choke

This weekend at UFC 136 in Houston, a major upset in the lightweight division was the result of a submission successfully executed by  underdog Joe Lauzon. Lauzon was able to force Melvin Guillard to tap out within 47 seconds of the fight’s start. The submission Lauzon used is called a “rear-naked choke” in mixed martial arts. […]

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Queen Of Sports 101: Pick-Six

The New York Jets struggled last night against the Baltimore Ravens, losing 34-17. Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez hasn’t been performing and has been taking beatings on the field (he was sacked twice last night) and in the media, where criticism of his playing seems to be a hot topic. The Jets had at least one […]

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Queen Of Sports 101: Wild Card Spots In Baseball

In Major League Baseball, for a team to advance to the playoffs, they must either win in their division, or secure a wild card spot. While it’s a simple system, some people may not understand how teams qualify for a wild card title. Let us explain! The wild card system allows the team with the […]

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